Our Services

Our Services
When buying a Safe or Security product is important make sure the company backs all sales with a certified Service department. When you buy from Protech you are protected!
Our service technicians are located across Canada offering repairs and maintenance service to a variety of business, financial institutions and residential homes.
No matter if you are looking for a Safe service, Vault Door maintenance or a complete refurbished, our team of professionals is at your service.

Safe, Vault and Security Services

  • Vault doors – Inspect, clean, adjust and lubricate combination locks and mechanism, including bolt-work and adjusting door fit where necessary.
  • Night Depository – Repairs, to all makes and models maintenance or adjustments including;
    • Releasing jammed head
    • Servicing combination locks
    • Annual preventative maintenance
    • Refurbishing and clearing or polishing of safe and facia.
  • Safes & Locks – To open and repair combination locks, key-locks and time-locks. Inspect, adjust and lubricate bolt-work and all other moving parts.
  • Safety Deposit Boxes – Drill or pull open and repair safety deposit box doors, including painted, stainless or polished steel finish. Refurbish and repaint complete nests on site.
    • Repair locks and supply sets of keys.
    • Supply duplicate keys.
    • Burnish and re-seal keys for changeable locks.
  • Under-counter Equipment – Service locks, trays, delayed action timers, tracks and suspension.
  • Entrance Doors – Inspect and adjust all key locks and door closers. Re-key or replace existing cylinders. Lubricate locks and hinges.
  • Night Depository Bags – Repair or replace locks, keys and zippers.
  • Delivery & Moving – Rearrange or move vault equipment by ProTech. P.C.V. Licensed truck and crew, including vault doors, modular vaults, safes, filing cabinets, lockers and safety deposit boxes.
  • Refurbishing – Remove security equipment from premises. Repair, recondition, refinish and store as required in our factory. Deliver and install in new site, vault doors, night depositories, safes and lockers, etc. We purchase and sell used equipment.
  • Service Contracts – Yearly service contracts on all security equipment, such as combination locks, time-locks, vault doors (including cleaning and polishing) and night depository units.
  • High Security Locks & Keys – Multi-lock, Medeco, Abloy, MIWA, Interchangeable cores, etc. Keys duplicated, locks re-keyed, etc.

Refurbishment & Repair

ProTech currently supplies credit unions with a full line of refurbished products, including safes, night deposit units, fire resistive filing equipment, teller under-counter units, teller vault lockers, and safety deposit boxes. Repair activities include replacement of broken parts as well as the rebuilding and reconditioning of security equipment (e.g. night depository).

Service Consultants Across Canada

Our 234 “trained” “licensed, “insured” and “bonded” service technicians – coast to coast – have the expertise required to handle any kind of entry or access control difficulties from simple key locks to very sophisticated systems.

Bonded and Trained

When hiring a company to service your security products it is important to note if they are bonded, as well the level of training.  All ProTech Technicians are fully bonded and trained on the latest products and strategies to assure you are service correctly the first time with the highest level of customer assurance.

Delivering the High Quality Security Products to Our Clients