U.L. Certified Security Products

Thomas L. Stewart, President or ProTech Safe and Security, is pleased to announce the following:  Protech Safe & Security is excited and honoured to provide a full line of U.L. Certified Security Products:

  • U.L. Vault Doors
  • U.L. Modular Vaults
  • U.L. Night Deposit
  • U.L. Mini-Vaults
  • U.L./U.L.C.

Turn Key Approach Coordination with your architects, designers, engineers, and real estate department throughout the fabrication process. Delivery and installation by our certified “installation” crew of its burglary resistive modular vault and doors.

Safes Protech Safe & Security’s Vault Doors and Vault Door Panels have been tested by U.L. to meet the standards set under U.L. safety standards and carry the U.L. Label for their selected class. Custom Design Protech Safe & Security’s vault (panels) are sized to meet the specific job requirement to meet all of your custom needs.

Standards – U.L. / U.L.C. Meeting the challenge of the North American Market we offer advice and equipment supporting the new standards, satisfying all financial, commercial, and industrial needs and requirements. You can be secure in the knowledge that we are more than equipped to meet your specific requirements, from consulting to a full line of security, including installation, after sales service, and a 24 hour call centre.