Used Safes and Security Products

Refurbishing Used Safes – Better than new!

Are you looking for a safe but the cost of new is not in the budget? Buying a used or refurbished safes can be a great choice. In todays economy we need to be “Smart Buyers”. Generally the first cost we cut is security but when the economy is tough crime rises. Refurbished safes are a great solutions. They allow you to buy the proper rated Safe or security product and same over half of the cost.

Used Safes – Refurbished Process

When we select the used safe for our refurbished program there are a number of areas we look for. Some of the areas include the metal condition, hinges condition, safe history, manufacture… ProTech Refurbished safes include new locking mechanism, custom paint refinishing and offers warranty guarantee. Feel free to contact us anytime by email or just call 1-855-999-9610.

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